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Playing golf is a challenging sport and it needs a lot of practice. Practicing is always done in the golfer's life and with help of a PGA professional, your learning curve may be expedited.  Not everybody will become a professional golfer, the majority of players are amateurs just playing for the love of the game.

As a beginning golfer, you don't have to buy the same expensive gear pros will use. Pros are usually paid by the golf suppliers each year to use the latest and greatest driver, putter and irons for promotion. As a new golfer, you can start with an affordable beginner's set and upgrade as needed when your level of playing go's up.  Don't shy away from used clubs until you learn your strengths and weaknesses.

Here are the most essential things you must have as a starter golfer:

Irons, Putter & Driver - The most essential accessories you'll need to start is a set of fourteen clubs including irons, metal woods, hybrids, putter and wedges.  Their are some solid golf starter club sets which include a putter, driver, a couple fairway metals, irons and wedges.  There are an infinite number of club combinations you may choose from, so a good golf club fitter may help you decide on a set of new or used clubs to fit your style of play and/or goals. If you need help finding some options, the Ram Pro Spin Wedge Set and Ram FX77 Irons are great starting points which are premium quality.

Golf Bags: As a newbie in the game, you don't want to suffer while carrying your gear, so select your golf bag to be lightweight and durable if you play on walking the links.  If you plan on using a golf cart, a larger cart bag may be your best option as it's larger and can hold more of your personal items. Some golf bags even have built-in padded pockets for phones or insulated coolers for your on course beverages.  If you prefer to walk to get more exercise while playing golf, a small carry golf bag or stand golf bag is necessary.  But, don't forget to purchase a push / pull golf cart as this will save your back and shoulder from 4 hours of pain.  A solid all-around performer is our Ram waterproof cart bag which has more than enough storage and is budget friendly.  Lastly, if you plan to travel via airplane, a quality bag case is a necessity and here is our Fort Knox of cases Ram Ultimate Hard Travel Case.

Golf Bags

Golf Balls: Many factors affect your golf ball selection, go for ball feel, accuracy, and distance. Don't complicate things; make your choice simple by selecting the type that will serve you well such as spin or compression ratings. Softer compression balls may be best for slower swing speeds and firmer balls may be best for the faster swing speeds of lower handicap amateurs or pros.  One of the most important factors for selecting golf balls is feel, price and color.  Todays golf balls come in the color of the rainbow such as yellow, green, red, orange, pink, speckled, or the plain old fashion white. 

Golf Balls

Golf Shoes: Selecting a good pair of golf shoes is a necessity in the sporting world. Shoes need to perform in all conditions and be comfortable are 2 of the most important things to look for when choosing your golf shoes. A perfect set of golf shoes will help stabilize your feet while swinging and hitting.  Don't overlook waterproof golf shoes, if you play in foul weather or early mornings, you may need waterproof shoes to keep your feet dry.  Another option to determine is if you like spikeless golf shoes or spiked golf shoes.

Golf Shoes

Golf Gloves: It's an essential part of playing golf, you must have a good grip on your club.  Golf gloves come in all colors these days but most premium gloves are still made of leather.  Specialized gloves such as rain gloves may be essential if you play in the rain to help the club from slipping out of your hand. 

Golf Gloves

Golf Tees: You can't do without them, and because there affordable for everyone, select the ones that can be teed-up easily. Golf Tees also come in every imaginable color. Cheaper tees may be wood but tend to break easily.  Plastic tees cost slightly more, but may be cheaper over the long run as you can use the same tee for the entire round of 18 holes or even longer.  These are the things you'll look for when buying your tees. 

Golf Tees

Golf Instruction & Books - The most basic training device every player should have, either amateur or pro is a set of golf alignment rods.  Professional instructional information is like gold for the golfer, whatever his or her playing level is.  A good golfer will never stop learning and may become dedicated to improving his/her swing. Golf lessons may be the single best investment you may make for your long-term golf game enjoyment.  Instructors help guide you for customized step-by-step techniques, swing thoughts and course strategies based on your goals.  All of this can help you eliminate mistakes in areas such as playing from the bunkers, fairway, chipping around the greens or teeing off to create powerful drives.

Happy golfing!



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