Range Finders

Rangefinders have become a popular and important tool for golfers of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or a professional with pin-point accuracy, using a rangefinder can improve your game.Rangefinders provide an accurate distance measurement to help golfers improve their accuracy and make better shots. Precise distances help you determine if you are going to lay-up to avoid trouble or have the confidence knowing you can carry the water hazard or sand trap. They are also helpful in club selection, as you can choose the club that will give you the best result for the distance you are trying to hit the ball. Additionally, a rangefinder can help you plan your shots by providing an idea of the lay of the land around the green. Rangefinders with slope calculation options can be especially useful when playing on a course with tricky elevation changes. Finally, using a rangefinder can help improve your score by giving you a more precise yardage to work with.

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Golf or Hunting range finders offer a high level of accuracy. Most range finders are accurate to within 1-2 yards of each other, so why pay more for a range finder. A golf rangefinder uses a laser to calculate the distance from your position to whatever you're pointing at, most often the flag on the green, or a feature such as a tree, sand trap or water hazard. Laser rangefinders emit a single beam of light that is bounced off the target and back to the device.

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