Cart Bags

Golf Cart Bags

The largest of all the golf bags is the cart bag. This type of golf bag is designed to be used with a golf cart as it usually does not have a shoulder carrying strap and is heavier than the stand or small carrying bags. It is large and bulky, making it difficult to carry around the course. However, it does have a lot of storage space and comes with a number of pockets for holding accessories, valuables and equipment. Today's cart bags may even have a built-in cooler for all your beverages of choice.  Cart bags may have 4 or 5 larger club dividers similar to stand bags or if you prefer, individual 14-way club dividers are optional on certain bags.  These bags typically have an umbrella holder, secure holders for golf cart and rain cover for bag.

A couple of our best selling golf cart bags are the Ram lightweight cart bag with the 14 full length club dividers and Caddymatic golf bag deluxe.