Ram Golf X-Pro Laser 3 Wheel Golf Pull Cart with Seat


Ram Golf X-Pro Laser 3 Wheel Golf Pull Cart with Seat

This pull cart has it all!


  • Walking 18 holes can be hard work, and sometimes you need a break, and the built-in seat gives you that comfort. It's spring loaded so its off the ground when you are moving, and ready for use as soon as you stop. Plus, it also provides a handy storage compartment, giving you space for balls, tees, pencils and more.


  • This golf cart features an adjustable angle handle, so no matter what height you are, you'll be able to find a comfortable angle for you to pull it. It's adjusted with a simple latch - just open it, find your angle, then close it to lock it in.


  • The handle console gives you plenty of space, including a covered scorecard holder, ball and tee storage sections, a drinks bottle holder, an umbrella holder attachment base (umbrella holder itself not included) and more.


  • The cart comes with quick release rear wheels, and the main frame folds up just by releasing the adjustable handle latch, folding the handle behind and under, then pushing the mid-frame forwards to release from its clips.


  • Upgraded smooth-rolling ball bearing axels with thicker, padded tires for more shock absorption. Elastic nylon bag straps with snap-lock buckles get your bag secured in place quickly, and released just as quickly at the end of the round.

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