Ram Golf 6ft Extending Golf Ball Retriever with Headcover


Ram Golf 6 ft. Extending Golf Ball Retriever with Deluxe Dual Zip Headcover

Golf ball just crept into a water hazard, but just out of reach without risking following it in?

These extending golf ball retrievers from Ram are the perfect solution.

Keep it in your bag - when it's fully collapsed, it's just 2ft long. But the telescopic shaft extends out to 6ft.

The clever golf ball retriever mechanism grabs balls in a snap, and is made from stainless steel so it won't rust if it gets wet.

The shaft itself is made from an aluminum alloy, taking the lightness of aluminum and making it strong so the shaft won't flex or bend when fully extended - perfect for a golf ball retriever.

There's also a deluxe double zip cover included too, so you don't drag too much water or mud into your bag.