GOLF BUDDY Aim L11 Laser Rangefinder with Slope Compensation


Golf Buddy Aim L11 Rangefinder | 880 Yards

  • GOLFBUDDY Aim L11 Rangefinder - THE AIM L11 is a well-crafted, premium laser that deserves a spot in your bag. Take aim with our #1 tour trusted laser, the GOLFBUDDY aim L11. Laser rangefinder with wider LCD for better visibility with ergonomic grip and lightweight design.
  • IPX4 Water-Resistant
  • PIN FINDER WITH VIBRATION ALERT - Lets you know when you find the target. It's perfect for unsteady hands or windy weather conditions.
  • ZERO SECOND TECHNOLOGY - Very fast response time once click the measurement button with ZST (zero second technology).
  • 3 TARGETING MODES - The Aim L11 features three different targeting modes: Standard, Scan and Pin finder with vibration. Easy to measure the distance with *Scan or Pin finder mode. (*Scan mode : Acquiring distances of various targets continuously)
  • 6X MAGNIFICATION LENS - It makes finding the targets simple with clear yardage view, easy-to-read and extra wide LCD display.
  • SLOPE ADJUSTED DISTANCE - Helps you to account for elevation making club selection even easier. This function can be turned off for tournament play. Range from 2 to 880 yards and accurate to 1 yard of distance.
  • HARD CASE WITH MAGNETIC CLASP- It not only makes the product easy to use, but also protects your rangefinders safely. This hard case perfectly protects your rangefinder from external shocks and skid. It also has a magnetic clasp that provides the convenience of not opening and closing the zipper every time.
  • USGA / R&A legal for handicap & tournament play