Golf Buddy Laser Lite Rangefinder | Free $40 Magnetic Case


GOLFBUDDY GB LASER Lite Rangefinder with Slope & Magnetic Case Included.

  • Small, light, and compact design
  • 5–800 yard range - Accurate to 1 yard
  • Measures yards and meters
  • Pin finder with vibration mode
  • 3 targeting modes (Standard, Scan, Pin)
  • 6x Magnification
  • IPX4 Water-Resistant
  • Slope mode on/off - The slope feature provides slope-adjusted distances based on elevation and the improved user mode also includes standard, scan and pin mode.
  • USGA / R&A compliant – legal for handicap & tournament play
  • Hard-wearing carry case with golf bag hook and easy access toggle closure
  • Special features - Sleek, Ergonomic, Compact design, Water-resistant
  • Magnetic Case (FREE $40 VALUE) - Keep your rangefinder more safely! It has a strong magnet that can holds your rangefinder case to the golf cart frame safely and it can also protect your rangefinder from falling off or damages while moving the cart.
  • Fast and Accurate - Fast measurement in 0.5 seconds with 1-click scan and accurate measurement with vibration alert. The jolt vibrates ensure you are picking up the flag rather than the landscape behind and the 0.5-second one-click measure makes it extremely fast at picking up your targets.
  • 3 targeting modes (Standard, Scan, Pin):

    STANDARD MODE - with a click of the button while aiming at the target, the distance will show in the display with vibration.

    SCAN MODE - useful when measuring various targets. Click the measurement button once to see the distance to each target. It can be scanned for 10 consecutive seconds and it takes one short click to start.

    PIN MODE - when there are a lot of obstacles behind the pin, you can use this mode to get an accurate distance. Once aimed towards a specific target, click the measurement button, and move the unit toward the pin to display the distance.

    Changing from meters to yards hold the "M" button for 2 seconds.

    Changing from the slope on to off hold the "M" button for 5 seconds