Ram Golf Laser Milled Face Mallet Putter | Black | Headcover Included


Ram Golf Laser Milled Face Mallet Putter - Black - Headcover Included

This quality putter from Ram is a face balanced putter with a pure precision milled face.

34" and 35" sizes available.

The mallet design helps move weight away from the clubface increasing moment of inertia so that the clubhead twists less on off-center impacts. A straighter clubface helps you hit the ball on the line you mean.

Full-length alignment markings help get you aligned with your target, and our testing has found the 90° perpendicular line running parallel to the face helps even further.

The milled face gives better feel and can help promote a truer roll with less skidding in the first few inches of the putt.

This putter is face-balanced - perfect for players with a straighter back and through stroke.

Deluxe headcover included.