3 Dozen Laser Plus Ram Golf Balls | Soft Low Compression


3 Dozen Ram Laser Plus Golf Balls - Soft Low Compression for Slower Swing Speeds

The Ram Laser Plus golf balls are designed to help maximize distance for golfers with a slower swing speed.

At impact, it’s crucial that the ball compresses against your club face. If you swing slower, harder balls just won’t compress, robbing you of distance. This ball is designed to compress, and spring off the face, giving you your distance back.

The lower compression also gives you a really soft feel, if that is your preference.

The 392 icosahedron dimple pattern is designed for lower drag and optimal lift, keeping the ball in the air longer.

The 2 piece golf ball with a DuPont Surlyn cut-proof cover is also a higher spinning ball, perfect for controlling it on green approaches.

  • Compression – 70
  • Conforms to USGA regulations