Golf Slice and Hook Corrector | with 4 Angled Rods | Swing Trainer


The Golf Slice and Hook Corrector will train you to swing your club on an even path to help you hit the ball straighter and further. Many golfers swing inside out or outside in, causing them to slice or hook the ball. The four red angled foam sticks can be attached at each corner by Velcro. You'll learn how to swing your club on an even path without hitting the angled red foam sticks. You'll hit the ball straighter, further, and score better!


  • Eliminate Hooks and Slices - Practice your swing to avoid hitting the four red angled foam sticks. An even swing path will eliminate your hooks and slices.
  • Hit for More Distance - An accurate even path swing will result in hitting the golf ball further.
  • Score Better - After practicing with the Swing Trainer, you'll square up your club with the golf ball more consistently, resulting in a better scorecard.
  • Comes with a Carrying Case for easy transportation.


  • Best for Swing Practice
  • Item Length: 18"
  • Item Width: 12"