Ram Golf EZ-OUT Super Forgiving Wedge | Mens Right Hand


Ram Golf EZ-OUT Super Forgiving Wedge Mens Right Hand - 56 & 60 Lofts

The Ram EZ-OUT wedge is designed to be the easiest, most forgiving wedge in the range, perfect for amateur golfers that lack consistency on their wedge play.

SUPER FORIVING DESIGN - Built to be extremely forgiving, this wedge is designed to give you more consistency and eliminate those fluffed and fatted shots

EASY FROM THE BUNKER, FAIRWAY OR ROUGH - No matter the lie, the sole of this wedge means your club glides easily across the surface, resisting digging in and snagging, for straighter, reliable shots

CAVITY BACK DESIGN - Cavity back increases forgiveness even more, reducing the tendency for the clubhead to twist on off-center impacts

EASY TO USE - No need to adjust your stance or swing set up square and swing with confidence, knowing you won't thin it through the back or leave it in the sand

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - Premium stainless steel clubhead backed with a 12 month warranty